[Solved] Dynamic shape not updating

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Question :


I have a problem with dynamic shape on my board.

dynamic shapes on the board not updating even they are not voiding from any where. shape fill type is smooth and I try to update it from Display>Status>update dynamic shapes but error msg occured

“1 dynamic shape is still out of date or empty.  Run Out of date shapes Report from status dialog to identify them.”

I also try to DB doctor my pcb but not working. In the starting shape was fine Error occured suddenly I didnt know how it happens.

previously I have this problem and I resolved it by chance by removing internal plane layers from Xsection and again defined them. but I know this is not a proper solution.

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Presentation displayed on wordpress

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Few days ago, I was thinking how to displayed a presentation on wordpress, not just gave a download link. I wanted to share some of my work result and my little personal research. At last My friend Ardianto Satriawan told me to try http://slideshare.net. I find what I want, yeyyy!