[Solved] Dynamic shape not updating

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Question :


I have a problem with dynamic shape on my board.

dynamic shapes on the board not updating even they are not voiding from any where. shape fill type is smooth and I try to update it from Display>Status>update dynamic shapes but error msg occured

“1 dynamic shape is still out of date or empty.  Run Out of date shapes Report from status dialog to identify them.”

I also try to DB doctor my pcb but not working. In the starting shape was fine Error occured suddenly I didnt know how it happens.

previously I have this problem and I resolved it by chance by removing internal plane layers from Xsection and again defined them. but I know this is not a proper solution.

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Cara Membuat Keyboard Shortcut di Cadence PCB editor

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Buat temen2 yang pasti nya sering make Cadence, biasa ngaktifin tombol add connect pake apa?kalo copy?kalo move?kalo delete..kalo??

kalo biasanya pake mouse, Saya juga udah nyoba sebelumnya dan rasanya cm satu tangan yang gerak, ntar jempol kiri iri karena jempol kanan lebih gede, hehehe

Saya barusan nyoba ngoprek si cadence trus nemu cara buat ngedit keyboard shortcut nya

caranya agak ribet dikit

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