How I travel Across Indonesia for Free

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Beberapa minggu lalu ada lomba menulis essay di kantor Saya dengan tema “I Know What I did in 2013”. Saya iseng-iseng ikut mengirim essay. Essay nya mesti ditulis dalam bahasa inggris, soalnya yang liat seluruh karyawan Samsung di dunia. Alhamdulillah menang juara ke-3. Sempet mejeng juga di homepage website kantor



I want to share you all my story of “How I travel across Indonesia for free”. Although I should focus on my 2013’s accomplishments. I would like to share a little back-story about how it started.

It’s all began when I joined campus radio club in my college in 2007. After some theory and training given by my senior, my friend and I together happened to build simple radio FM transmitter. We looked at our first ‘serious’ device, I thinked “yeah, good enough”. Eventhough we do it just as a hobby, we didn’t stop there. We learned more from a technopreneur and my tutor, Mr. Dadi. He gave us some advice how to perfected our design. When we felt ready to go outside, we  send our proposals to all student associations and offer collaboration works on social development activity.

(first design, 2009)

(Discussion and survey to build radio station in Village Smart House, Ciwidey, West Java)

Our first collaboration was with School of Bussiness and Management ITB student Association. Our project was to build radio station for Village Smart House or “Rumah Pintar Satoe Indonesia SBM ITB”. The result was good. We published it in our college media. We felt really encouraged when President of the Republic of Indonesia visit the house (link : In an instant, the words spread. And we begin our journey.

(blue dot means place that I go in 2013)

We have travelled across Indonesia to build radio station. And the most important thing, it’s all free. The most wonderful journey was we go to Bali and we got Gold Medal from Ministry of Higher Education of Indonesia for our works.

After I join Samsung Electronic Indonesia. I still continue my hobby. It was fun. Building radio station is my hobby, and I also like travelling. Sometimes I can get some money from my projects. Amazing, right?

This year I build radio station for some university such as Islamic college in Bandung, Bandung Institute of technology (my college) in Bandung,University of Gorontalo in Gorontalo, Polytechnic of Tual in South Maluku and Polytechnic of Labuboti near Toba Lake, which is a really beautiful place. Others are for youth clubs or community activities  like in Bima, eastern coast of Island of Sumbawa, and my hometown and beloved city, Palembang.

Description: G:\DATA\Pribadi\lomba samsung\foto\IMAG0251.jpg

My pal and I in DEL Polytechnic of Labuboti near Toba Lake. We flew to Medan and continue driving for 7 hours to Laguboti. I feel tired in the road. But when we arrive, our exhaustion were gone instantly.


Description: G:\DATA\Pribadi\lomba samsung\foto\2013-04-14 12.42.02.jpg

A student help me installed omnidirectional antenna in roof top, Islamic College STAI PERSIS, Bandung. Now when you go near Soekarno-Hatta street in Bandung, you can tune to 107.7 FM and hear some awesome music.

Description: G:\DATA\Pribadi\lomba samsung\foto\SAM_1428.JPG

(It was me acting like an announcer in ITB Bandung)

Description: G:\DATA\Pribadi\lomba samsung\foto\Kota Utara-20121225-00065.jpg

(I in University of Gorontalo, I can’t get a good photo using my handphone. This is 40m above the ground)

A janitor in Polytechnic of Tual make a pose. He help us in installation process. He really is one of a kind man.

(my result in Polytechnic of Tual, South Maluku)

It was begin as a hobby in my spare time. I don’t even think what I was doing this for. But now, I am really happy that I have done this.I can help them share information to their community. Even it was just old technology called FM radio. I have realized, It is not how much hi-tech the technology is. What matter is how much it can help us. After all, I can get what I want, travel for free, hehehe

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    arief said:
    28 Juni, 2014 pukul 5:02 pm

    Mbaa,, mau nanya ni, masih kerja disamsung mba?? Mau tanya lingkungan kerja dan (maaf) gajinya bagaimana ya mba? Bisa tolong bantu sya, tolong balas keemail saya saja y mba, terimakasih mba mohon maaf jika lancang.

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