Love For Me

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We were all a bit strange, we live alone we have always felt odd. When we find someone who is in line with our uniqueness, we join him and fall into a similar oddity called LOVE.

There are things that we want to release ..

People who do not want us to leave .. but remember ..

Letting go is not the end of the world .. but the beginning of a new life ..

Happiness to those who cry, those who hurt, those who have been looking for .. and those who have mencoba.karena they can appreciate how important the people who have touched their lives ..


· · Is when shed tears and still care about him.

· · Is when he does not memperdulikanmu and you are still waiting for him faithfully.

· · Was when he loved someone and you still can smile while saying, “I’m so happy for you.”

If love does not work .. .. let it pull you back your heart wings and flew off into the wild again. Remember that you may find love and lose love .. but when love is dead .. you do not need to die with him ..

not the strongest person who always wins .. but they are still tough when they fall ..

True friends understand when you say, “I forgot ..”, wait forever when you say, “wait a minute”, to stay when you say, “I own ringglakan”, opened the door even though you have not knocked and said, “may I go ? ‘.


Not how ignorant .. but how ye forgive.  Is not how you listen but also how you understand. Not what you see but what you feel. Not how you let go but how you survive.

More dangerous tears HEART compared sobbing. Tears were coming out can be removed while the hidden tears carve wounds that never goes away ..

In LOVE we rarely win  .. but when LOVE was sincere, though losing, you still win just because you feel happy .. .. can love someone more than you love yourself.

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    yeris said:
    29 Juni, 2010 pukul 10:43 am

    Wah,, bagus!

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