Internal Vacancy_ICT Assistant in DBE 1 Project in Jakarta

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Dear All Colleagues,

RTI is currently looking for an ICT Assistant for DBE 1 Project, an
education program funded by USAID focusing on more effective decentralized
education, and to based in Jakarta.

General Description

The ICT Assistant is responsible for the IT needs of all offices under the
specific contract, including system installations, maintenance, support and
technical consultations to end-users. She/he is responsible for ensuring
that standards set by the RTI IT Home Office are followed and that the most
efficient and effective IT solutions are applied.  She/he is also
responsible for producing manuals on network and workstation support for

Responsibilities of the ICT Assistant also include maintaining the LANs
(Local Area Network) at National Office as well as the provincial offices.
She/he must also ensure that proper backup, antivirus and disaster recovery
procedure are implemented and that end-users have access to shared files,
wireless access, printers and emails. She/he will coordinate and report to
the Senior Data and Information Technology Specialist to ensure compliance
to the RTI IT guidelines and regulations.

Essential responsibilities:

–          Maintain network infrastructure including ISP, router, Wireless
Access Point, Ethernet switches/hubs, printers, faxes, etc

–          Maintain Wide Area Network connectivity (internet connection and
services, device configuration and maintenance) in the National office

–          Install and maintain Project Servers

–          Perform IT Support

o        Ensure Windows and other software is maintained and that patches
are promptly applied

o        Ensure McAfee anti-virus software is installed and both the engine
and signature files are kept current

o        Ensure information is backed up and maintained in accordance with
RTI Policies and Procedures

o        Ensure that only licensed software is installed on each of
end-user’s computer

o        Provide user support on hardware, networking and software related

o        Configure and troubleshoot laptops/desktops/printers/other shared
devices problems

–          Evaluate IT products/services whenever required

–          Ensure compliance with RTI Information Security policies,
procedures and standards

–          Work together with the Data Information Assistant to ensure the
smooth operation of IT infrastructure in provincial offices

–          Work under the supervision of the Senior Data and Information
Technology Specialist at National Office and/or RTI Indo IT System
Specialist for any technical or compliance matters.


–          Education : Bachelor degree in Computer Science/Engineering

–          Minimum of 3 years experiencing in
installing/supporting/maintaining a wide range of IT infrastructure systems
(Windows Servers, Windows PCs, Backups, Printers, Scanners, Voice,
Recorders, etc) in multiple locations

–          PC & Server support experience

–          Experience or basic knowledge of MS Office 2003/2007, Win XP
Pro/Win Vista Business and McAfee anti-virus

–          Good work ethic and strong desire to complete tasks in a timely
manner as directed

–          Excellent written and oral communication skills

–          Proficient in English

–          Work well independently and in a team environment

Should you are interested in this vacancy you are welcome to submit your
application and resume to, at the latest close of
business 13 February 2009.

Warm regards


Sr. Human Resources Manager

RTI International

Indonesia Stock Exchange Building Tower II/2302

Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53

Jakarta 12190 – Indonesia

Ph.  +62 21 5150010

Fax. +62 21 5152332


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