Lowongan Kerja di Versatile Silicon

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Versatile Silicon Technologies, the 1^st Indonesia Fabless Semiconductor Company (www.vsilicon.com), is currently focusing their business in WiMax Baseband Chipset Design and Multinational Company Outsourcing. In order to support our development, we are looking for young Engineers to fulfill the following position:

1.      RTL Engineer (2 persons)

2.      Embedded Programming Engineer (4 persons)

3.      OFDM Baseband Modeling Engineer (3 persons)

4.      Network Engineer ( 1 person)


1. RTL Engineer

* Has experience in RTL design and simulation using either VHDL or verilog

* Has experience in FPGA implementation

2. Embedded Programming Engineer

* Has experience in C programming

* Understand Operating System

* Preferable having experience in real-time programming

* Preferable having experience in driver programming

* Preferable understand IP packet programming

3. OFDM Baseband Modeling Engineer (4 persons)

* Good knowledge in Digital Communication Theory (channel coding, modulation, fading, OFDMA etc..)

* Good knowledge in MATLAB programming

4. Network Engineer

* Understand UNIX

* Has experience in shell scripting

* Has experience in C programming All candidates must also have following qualification:

* Good troubleshooting and debugging skill.

* Good communication skills in both oral and written (reporting)

* Has high commitment to meet project’s target and dateline

* Team work, matured and open personalities

* Degree in electrical engineering holders are welcome

If you meet above qualifications please send us your application letter, latest CV, recent photograph not later than November 29, 2008 to: ade@vsilicon.com


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